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My Origin Story

My love for superheroes probably began with television rather than comic books. In 1967, at four years old, I played Clark Kent with my plastic glasses and felt hat, and watched the original Batman series during its first run. However, I also remember on Saturday afternoons after my dad took me to get a haircut, I always asked him if we could buy a comic book. 

I became a real collector when I bought my first long box in 1985, thanks to the hype behind Crisis on Infinite Earths. I figured it was the perfect time to jump on the DC bandwagon and start reading anew. A year later, I remember showing my parents the first issue of The Dark Knight Returns to demonstrate how much comics had changed since my dad took me to get haircuts on Saturday afternoons.

I added to my collection almost every week since 1985, lapsing only once during a period sometime in the mid-to-late 1990's. When I stopped buying most new print comics during the advent of what I call the "Digital Age," I started buying back issues from the Silver and Bronze ages. Now, more than stuffing begged and boarded comics into short boxes (long boxes are just way too heavy), I'm removing them to enjoy once again.

I've always been a DC Comics guy. With a few exceptions from time to time, I never got into Marvel. Also, I'm a sucker for big crossover events. It's appropriate, then, that I'm starting this blog by re-reading and evaluating Crisis on Infinite Earths. I don't know where it will go from there (although I have some ideas), but the possibilities seem, well... infinite. I invite you to join me for the adventure.

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