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Crisis on Infinite Earths #1: Pt. 6

In Infinity Inc. #18, in the middle of a fight with Helix, members of the team, except for Todd Rice (Obsidian), suddenly freeze. A Harbinger replicant appears to recruit him:

Harbinger hasn’t recruited everyone yet for Monitor’s “army,” though...

Click here to see who’s next. And be sure to return every Wednesday to keep reading about Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Side note: As Helix wreaks havoc in Hollywood before Infinity Inc. arrives, notice the reaction of a familiar face in the crowd:


Title: Infinity Inc.

Issue #: 18

Cover Date: Sept. 1985

On Sale Date: 6-20-1985

Cover Artists: Tony DeZuniga, Todd McFarlane

Writer: Dann Thomas, Roy Thomas

Pencillers: Todd McFarlane

Inker: Pablo Marcos

Colorist: Adrienne Roy, Anthony Tollin

Editor: Roy Thomas

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