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Crisis on Infinite Earths #1: Pt. 8

John Stewart, new Green Lantern, and Katma Tui, return to Earth-1 to find Green Arrow and Black Canary dealing with earthquakes and “weather that just went nuts.” Black Canary mentions a report that “Firestorm vanished back east.”


A Harbinger replicant appears and says:

Guess what? They fight! That is, until John stops and explains that he’s been analyzing her and thinks she’s “okay.” He says she’s not threatening them; she’s warning them. He agrees to go with her.


Kat is worried about John’s inexperience, but he asks her to trust him. Harbinger seems momentarily discombobulated in the following exchange:

He generates a mask with his ring, saying, “Mask-o appear-o!”


When they disappear, Kat sends a message to warn the Guardians of Harbinger’s words.

Harbinger and John appear in a huge chamber on Monitor’s satellite… and on page 26 of Crisis on Infinite Earths #1, where events from it and the rest of Green Lantern #194 overlap.

We will return here later, but for now, click here to continue the primary story. And be sure to return every Wednesday to keep reading about Crisis on Infinite Earths...


Title: Green Lantern

Issue #: 194

Cover Date: Nov. 1985

On Sale Date: 8-15-1985

Cover Artists: Bruce D. Patterson, Joe Staton, Anthony Tollin

Writer: Steve Englehart

Penciller: Joe Staton

Inker: Bruce D. Patterson

Colorist: Anthony Tollin

Editor: Andrew Helfer

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