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Crisis on Infinite Earths #12: Pt. 96

Previously in Crisis on Infinite Earths #12…

  • Superman of Earth-2 finally destroys Anti-Monitor for good!

On page 35 of Green Lantern #198, the effect is felt…

The Anti-Monitor has failed in his quest! The destruction has ended! The Crisis is finally finished!
But at what cost?

As Tomar-Re dies, his ring floats to John Stewart, whose ring returns to Hal Jordan, who says…

Click here to see what happens after the fall of Anti-Monitor. It’s not over yet…


Title: Green Lantern

Issue #: 198

Cover Date: March 1986

On Sale Date: 12-19-1985

Cover Artists: Bruce D, Patterson, Joe Staton, Anthony Tollin

Writer: Steve Englehart

Penciller: Joe Staton

Inker: Bruce D. Patterson

Colorist: Anthony Tollin

Editors: Andy Helfer

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