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Crisis on Infinite Earths #12: Pt. 99

Previously in Crisis on Infinite Earths #12…

  • Superman of Earth-2 finally destroys Anti-Monitor for good!

And so it goes. From death comes life, and each life brings hope for a brighter, happier future. With the end of the multiverse and the beginning of the new Earth, there now is one consistent past.

Yes, there were deaths, but there were also births…

But what of the future? Those divergent happenings that have not been explained? The full tale will be told another time, but some facts are known. Events have been altered… no single earth’s future survived intact.

For example:

  • There will be no “Great Disaster” in the future, but a lost child will still be found by General Horatio Tomorrow of the Planeteers. He will become known as “Tommy Tomorrow.”

  • Although Jonah Hex came from the past, he now fights in the future.

  • As Lyla completes her tale, she says, “Saddest of all is the split that has ruptured the Guardians of the Universe. A split from which they may never recover.”

Lady Quark, Pariah, and Lyla leave to explore their new world, as Lyla says…

We should never forget the past, but we should always look to the future… because that’s where we’re going to spend the rest of our lives.

In an epilogue, Psycho-Pirate resides in Arkham Asylum, spouting “delusions” of a crisis that no one else remembers

Not the end; the beginning of the future.

Return next Wednesday as we take one more look at Crisis on Infinite Earths with more epilogues and perhaps some stories we missed…


Title: Crisis on Infinite Earths

Issue #: 12

Cover Date: April 1986

On Sale Date: 12-19-1985

Cover Artist: George Perez

Writer: Marv Wolfman

Penciller: George Perez

Inker: Jerry Ordway

Colorist: Tom Zuiko

Editor: Marv Wolfman

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