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Crisis on Infinite Earths #3: Pt. 25

Previously in Crisis on Infinite Earths

  • In June of 1944, the Losers die and Flower from Easy Company disappears. Monitor returns Blue Beetle to his own time…

  • In the future, Solovar disappears…

  • In 1879 Coyote, Texas, Nighthawk dies…

Finally, to wrap-up Crisis on Infinite Earths #3, in 30th century Metropolis, Dream Girl asks Brainiac 5 why she didn’t know that “a silent killer (was) moving in to claim this world.” Element Lad and Mon-El wonder why they can’t reach Kid Psycho. Little do they know that a wall of antimatter is consuming him…

Monitor watches all of this.

It appears everywhere now in every time period… Ancient Atlantis… on every Earth… the Old West… nothing is spared.

He says that instead of days, only hours remain; it’s time for his plan. No! Harbinger appears and tells him, “It’s time for you to die!”

Return next week for more Crisis on Infinite Earths...


Title: Crisis on Infinite Earths

Issue #: 3

Cover Date: June 1985

On Sale Date: 3-7-1985

Cover Artists: George Perez, Gaspar Saladino

Writer: Marv Wolfman

Penciller: George Perez

Inkers: Mike DeCarlo, Dick Giordano

Colorist: Anthony Tollin

Editor: Tom Condon, Dick Giordano, Bob Greenberger, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman

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