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Crisis on Infinite Earths #4: Pt. 28

Previously in Crisis on Infinite Earths

  • In a conversation with Steve Dayton, John Constantine expresses concern for Swamp Thing…

In The Saga of Swamp Thing #44, Swamp Thing “pours” himself out of Abigail Arcane’s sink. He shares that Constantine has still not contacted him. “He leads me around the country… tantalizing me with mysteries… and then vanishes… with so much… let unexplained.”


We then return to the conversation between Dayton and Constantine…

They encounter Batman briefly and he explains, “We’re not sure what’s causing the disturbance, but it’s in the best possible hands.”


Click here to see what happens next in Crisis on Infinite Earths #4, then return here next week for more Crisis


Title: The Saga of Swamp Thing

Issue #: 44

Cover Date: Jan. 1986

On Sale Date: 10-17-1985

Cover Artists: Stephen R. Bissette, John T. Totleben

Writer: Alan Moore

Penciller: Stephen R. Bissette

Inkers: Ron Randall, John T. Totleben

Colorist: Tatjana Wood

Editor: Karen Berger

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