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Crisis on Infinite Earths #4: Pt. 36

Previously in Crisis on Infinite Earths

  • Harbinger sends Obsidian, Psycho-Pirate and Arion to Atlantis where they meet Arion. Psycho-Pirate disappears and joins enemy forces. Later, a wave of antimatter appears.

On page five of Infinity Inc. Annual #1, Obsidian returns during a dinner for the team hosted by Alan Scott…

Click here to see what’s happening with the New Teen Titans between issues four and five of Crisis on Infinite Earths, then return every Wednesday for even more!


Title: Infinity Inc.

Issue #: Annual 1

Cover Date: 1986

On Sale Date: 9-5-1985

Cover Artists: Todd McFarlane, Steve Montano

Writers: Dann Thomas, Roy Thomas

Pencillers: Ron Harris, Todd McFarlane

Inkerx: Alfredo P. Alcala, Tony DeZuniga, Dick Giordano, Richard Howell

Colorists: Adrienne Roy, Anthony Tollin

Editor: Roy Thomas

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