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Crisis on Infinite Earths #6: Pt. 52



In Superman #413, the titular hero has been experiencing Lex Luthor’s “Operation Brain Scramble” and isn’t certain he can tell the difference between what’s really happening and what’s a figment of his imagination.


Earlier that morning, Luthor had “bombarded him with a final encephalo-blast and transported him to Black Island to place him under his brain-scrambler rods. “The final fantasy I orchestrated about Earth’s demise could begin!”


But Superman wakes and sends the villains running. Chasing Luthor through the sky, a vortex opens...

Where has Luthor gone? Click here to jump back to Crisis on Infinite Earths #6 and find out! Then return every Wednesday to read more Crisis...


Title: Superman

Issue #: 413

Cover Date: Nov. 1985

On Sale Date: 8-8-1985

Cover Artists: Klaus Janson

Writer: Cary Bates

Penciller: Curt Swan

Inker: Al Williamson

Colorist: Gene D'Angelo

Editors: E. Nelson Bridwell, Julius Schwartz

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