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Crisis on Infinite Earths #7: Pt. 61

Previously in Crisis on Infinite Earths #7…

  • Alex Luthor creates a tunnel to the anti-matter universe and Pariah leads a team of heroes into it to battle the Anti-Monitor…

Page one of Infinity Inc. #24, begins with a conversation between Power Girl and Huntress that started on page 17 of Crisis on Infinite Earths #7. Huntress reminds Power Girl that they are serving, too, and if the heroes fall, they will be ready. However, Power Girl fears that by then, it may be too late… if it isn’t already!

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Title: Infinity Inc.

Issue #: 24

Cover Date: March 1986

On Sale Date: 12-19-1985

Cover Artists: Tony DeZuniga, Todd McFarlane

Writers: Dann Thomas, Roy Thomas

Pencillers: Ron Harris, Todd McFarlane

Inkers: Tony DeZuniga, Dick Giordano, Arne Star

Colorist: Carl Gafford

Editors: Tom Condon, Dick Giordano, Janice Race, Roy Thomas

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