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Crisis on Infinite Earths #7: Pt. 60

Previously in Crisis on Infinite Earths #7…

  • Lyla, Alex Luthor and Pariah head to “Earth” where Lyla says she will tell everyone what the heck is happening…

Back on their rock in space, Lyla, Alex Luthor and Pariah have gathered one representative from six universes, five of which remain: Lady Quark, Superman of Earth-1, Uncle Sam, Captain Marvel, Superman of Earth-2, and Blue Beetle.

“The Oans lived in paradise, their minds and bodies were things of perfection.” However, they continued to strive for improvement. Krona sought to learn the origin of the universe and he observed a terrible cosmic bolt that was the beginning of something new… something terrible… something evil.

Consumed by guilt the Oans “created a force for good to atone for their brother’s evil deed.” They built, but soon abandoned, a race of robot Manhunters, then gave birth to the Green Lantern Corps. This brought civil war, though, as some believed that evil must be destroyed, not contained. Half the population left Oa for another dimension where they “built weapons of great destructive power.” They eventually became known as “The Controllers.”

The Anti-Monitor grew in power and took control of Qward, creating an army of warriors: Thunderers and Shadow Demons. “His evil hunger was insatiable.”

Pariah then explains his origin. He was a brilliant scientist from another Earth that discovered the existence of the multiverse and the anti-matter universe. Driven by pride, he constructed an anti-matter chamber from which he could witness the birth of the universe; however, he started a chain reaction that destroyed his earth, his galaxy, and his universe. This woke the Anti-Monitor and his brother, the Monitor.


More heroes gather on the rock as Alex Luthor explains that when he was created, he was somehow imbued with moth positive matter and anti-matter. He’s able to act as a tunnel for the heroes to enter the anti-matter universe and to attack the Anti-Monitor. As his atonement, Pariah will lead them.


The big merge continues and five universes will soon appear as one. When they occupy the same place at the same time, they will destroy each other and the Anti-Monitor’s universe will be all that survives! The heroes that remain on the five Earths express their feelings about what’s happening:

  • Spectre, Phantom Stranger, and Deadman discuss how they are powerless and their magicks cannot survive in the anti-matter universe.

  • Human Bomb tells Firebrand and Dollman that all they can do now is pray for those entering the anti-matter universe.

  • Peacemaker tells Blue Beetle and Nightshade he should have been sent on the mission, not Captain Atom. Blue Beetle says, “I just wish we could help, too.”

  • Uncle Marvel, Captain Marvel Junior, and Mary Marvel worry for Captain Marvel and the others. “Unless they succeed, it’s the end of everything.”

  • Power Girl tells Huntress that she wants to help. “I’ve got incredible power. Why can’t I be with them now?”

Click here to continue the conversation between Power Girl and Huntress in Infinity Inc. #24, then return every Wednesday for more Crisis on Infinite Earths


Title: Crisis on Infinite Earths

Issue #: 7

Cover Date: Oct. 1985

On Sale Date: 7-4-1985

Cover Artists: George Perez, Gaspar Saladino

Writer: Marv Wolfman

Penciller: George Perez

Inkers: Dick Giordano, Jerry Ordway

Colorist: Tom Ziuko

Editor: Bob Greenberger, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman

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