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Crisis on Infinite Earths #8: Pt. 65

Previously in Wonder Woman #328…

  • On Paradise Island, Diana destroys the combined force of the shadow demons…

In Wonder Woman #329, the final issue of the comic’s original run, Queen Hippolyta mourns the loss of so many Amazons during their battle with the shadow demons.


However, the dead soon rise…

Meanwhile, the crisis rages on in Washington D.C. and Steve Trevor worries about Diana… until she appears before him…

Steve and Diana return to Paradise Island to find Ares and Hades “riding in command of an army of the dead!” Being Wonder Woman, and being the final issue of Wonder Woman, she emerges victorious and most of the loose ends from the series are tied up in time for a wedding. Afterwards…

Well, it will be a while until the final issue of Crisis on Infinite Earths, but click here to see what other heroes are doing during the Crisis. Then return every Wednesday for even more…


Title: Wonder Woman

Issue #: 329

Cover Date: Jan. 1986

On Sale Date: 11-28-1985

Cover Artist: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Writer: Gerry Conway

Penciller: Don Heck

Inker: Don Heck

Colorist: Nansi Hoolahan

Editor: Alan Gold

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