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Crisis on Infinite Earths #8: Pt. 69

Previously in Crisis on Infinite Earths #8…

  • Justice Leaguers attempt to repair Red Tornado… with no luck…

In Blue Devil #17, Dan Cassidy/Blue Devil is late to a “Red Skies” party in Malibu when he assists S.T.A.R. labs with a project to stop the crazy weather…

Blue Devil finally arrives at the party, but the Fisherman is creating all kinds of chaos. Once that’s settled, he can finally relax…

What happens next? Click here to return to Crisis on Infinite Earths #8 and find out. Then, return every Wednesday for even more Crisis…


Title: Blue Devil

Issue #: 17

Cover Date: Oct. 1985

On Sale Date: 7-18-1985

Cover Artists: Paris Cullins, Gary Martin

Writer: Gary Cohn, Dan Mishkin

Penciller: Alan Kupperberg

Inker: Mark Farmer

Colorist: Michele Wolfman

Editors: Tom Condon, Dick Giordano, Alan Gold

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