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Eclipso Pt. 11: Adventure Comics #457-458

Title: Adventure Comics

Issue #: 457

Cover Date: May/June 1978

On Sale Date: Feb. 15, 1978

Writer: Len Wein

Penciller: Joe Orlando

Inker: Frank Giacoia

Editor: Paul Levitz

The Symbiont Syndrome

At last, we may have found a cure for my affliction!

Prof. Simon Bennett (now with two “t’s”) and his daughter, Mona, bombard Dr. Bruce Gordon with a concentrated dosage of specially-altered ultra-violet light..

By holding the black diamond to his eye, the fiend can fire energy-bolts…

Bruce feels well enough to go after Eclipso, and since he takes responsibility for unleashing him, that’s exactly what he does.


However, following a jewelry store heist…


Title: Adventure Comics

Issue #: 458

Cover Date: July/Aug 1978

On Sale Date: April 13, 1978

Writer: Len Wein

Artist: Joe Orlando

Inker: Bob Layton

Editor: Paul Levitz

He Who Survives --


Part two of the story begins with Eclipso staging a midnight break-in at the Whelan Planetarium.

Much as I hate to say it – we have to find a way to restore the bond between us!

Our heroes track Eclipso and a back-and-forth battle ensues, until…




Almost a year and a half after his last appearance in Metal Men #49, Eclipso returns in a two-part story in Adventure Comics #457 and #458. It isn't heralded with much fanfare, but at least #457 announces it on the cover; #458 doesn't.

Each of the two chapters is six pages long. Together, it's a short, sweet story in which Dr. Bruce Gordon once again tries to free himself from his affliction, Eclipso goes on a crime spree, and our heroes stop him, forcing him back into Gordon't body.


I can tell that origin in... one panel! It's been a while and there may be new readers, so we have to get a cursory mention of how Eclipso came to be:

The final panel in Adventure Comics #458 promises that it's not the end for Eclipso. However, the story is not going to continue in this comic. With #459, it became a 68-page, no ads, Dollar Comic starring Flash, Deadman, Green Lantern, Orion, Elongated Man, and Wonder Woman.


Eclipso will return, but not until over two years later when he begins a long run in the pages of Green Lantern before the DC Universe is hit by the Crisis on Infinite Earths...

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