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Eclipso Pt. 17: Green Lantern #186-187

Title: Green Lantern

Issue #: 186

Cover Date: March 1985

On Sale Date: Dec. 20, 1984

Writer: Len Wein

Artist: Dave Gibbons

Editor: Len Wein


In Brightest Night...

. Dr. Bruce Gordon and his colleagues at Ferris Aircraft are stunned when the solar jet disappears. John Stewart suits up and charges his ring. . Elsewhere, Richard Davis and the solar jet have been brought to Eclipso, who tells him:

You mean nothing to me! You merely served as a delivery boy—of a prize that will soon make Eclipso the master of the world!

As Bruce tells Hal Jordan and the others that Eclipso has returned, he’s lifted into the sky with a black tractor beam… as Green Lantern investigates…

What does Eclipso want?

I intend to put an end to my cursed dependence on you – forever! …I can see that we are finally separate – through the power of your solar jet! I want you to extract the plane’s power systems, Gordon – and then turn them over to me!

As Richard escapes with the solar jet, Predator appears. Put in charge of watching the solar jet for Control, he’s come to get it…

As the battle ensues, Richard lands the damaged solar jet, but then dies from a heart attack. . Meanwhile, in the sky, Eclipso turns his black beam into “some sort of high-intensity laser,” as well as sets his “death moon” to self-destruct. Taking a dive toward Earth, Green Lantern and Eclipso continue their battle:

Then, Green Lantern pushes the satellite far into space where it explodes. . Back at Ferris Aircraft, Carol tells Bruce that at least he came out ahead, “Eclipso is gone… forever.”

But is he, Carol? Can that kind of evil every truly be destroyed? Can it?

Notes . After 46 issues of Green Lantern and nearly four years, Eclipso returns! How, you ask? He explains that after he was “sucked out into the void”…

This is a very exciting story, worthy of the build-up that’s been a long time coming. It’s a fast read with a lot of action. For all intents and purposes, the pre-Crisis Eclipso saga has ended. Although there are not really any loose ends to tie, Bruce Gordon will appear one more time. . It’s also the end of an era for the creative team. Len Wein and Dave Gibbons go out with a bang… literally.


Title: Green Lantern

Issue #: 187

Cover Date: April 1985

On Sale Date: Jan. 17, 1985

Writer: Paul Kupperberg

Penciller: Bill Willingham

Inker: Rich Rankin

Editor: Andrew Helfer


A Day in His Life…


After the funeral of Richard Davis, Dr. Bruce Gordon speaks with Carl Ferris…

Look, maybe this isn’t the best time to bring it up, but I’ve got to tell you, Mr. Ferris… What I’m trying to say is that now that the solar jet’s finished, I think it’s time I… moved on.



As a new creative team inherits Green Lantern, they could easily have dismissed Dr. Bruce Gordon and Eclipso. However, it’s nice to see them honor continuity, even if it’s as Bruce resigns from Ferris Aircraft.


Gone, but not forgotten, Eclipso remains a face in the DC Universe, as we will see next week in our final chapter…

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