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Eclipso Pt. 18: Where's Eclipso?!?

Although Dr. Bruce Gordon's pre-Crisis saga ended with a run in Green Lantern off and on during the course of nearly five years, his villainous alter-ego, Eclipso, made two more appearances during Crisis on Infinite Earths. The question is... can you find him?

Title: Swamp Thing

Issue #: 46

Cover Date: March 1986

On Sale Date: Dec. 19, 1985

Writer: Alan Moore

Penciller: Steve R. Bissette

Inker: John Totleben

Editor: Karen Berger




Crisis Connection!

Click here to read about this issue. Where's Eclipso?!?


Answer: on page 8:


Title: Crisis on Infinite Earths

Issue #: 9

Cover Date: Dec. 1985

On Sale Date: Aug. 29, 1985

Writer: Marv Wolfman

Penciller: George Perez

Inker: Jerry Ordway

Editor: Marv Wolfman


War Zone


Crisis Connection!

Click here to read about this issue. Where's Eclipso?!?


Answer: on page 3:

Can you spot him anywhere else? How about the cover? Take a close look above...


Final Thoughts


From a celebrated beginning in House of Secrets #61 in the 1960s, to a couple of guest appearances in the 1970s, to an extended run in Green Lantern in the 1980s, Dr. Bruce Gordon and his alter-ego, Eclipso, have been firmly established in the DC Universe.


Maintaining continuity throughout, their pre-Crisis story concluded with a bang in Green Lantern #186, then ended with a quiet epilogue in #187. As Bruce asked Carol Ferris in #186:

Can that kind of evil every truly be destroyed? Can it?

Of course not, although that's proven by only two blink-and-you'll-miss-him appearances within the pages of Crisis on Infinite Earths. There's no dialogue, he doesn't do anything... but he's there.


And he'll be back during the late 1980s for a few post-Crisis appearances before hitting the big time in the early 1990s. He provided the connective tissue for the Summer, 1992 crossover event, Eclipso: The Darkness Within, then spun-off with his own 18-issue (plus one Annual) series.


Those, however, are stories for another day. Next, we'll return for more pre-Crisis goodness and another unsung character that's one of my favorites. This will be after a break while I spend some time focused on professional development at the day job.


See you soon!

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