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Freedom Fighters Pt. 11: Freedom Fighters #9

Following the events of Freedom Fighters #8, Americommando (aka Silver Ghost) leaves our heroes for dead. Martha, who knows his true identity tries to convince Barracuda that the Crusaders are being duped by a super villain. Then, the super villain appears…

Meanwhile, the super heroes begin to wake and realize they’re about to be electrocuted. The Ray is able to absorb the electric power just like he does heat and light, then Uncle Sam unplugs the deadly machine.


Americommando/Silver Ghost takes Martha hostage and heads to New York while the Freedom Fighters defeat the Crusaders in battle…

When the dust settles, the Crusaders explain who they are…

Martha tells Doll Man he doesn’t have to fight anymore; she will testify that the Silver Ghost is still alive--

--The Freedom Fighters can be cleared now!

Nevertheless, the issue ends on a shocking note as Doll Man visits D.A. Pearson:



Freedom Fighters #9 provides a little wish fulfillment for comic book fans. Imagine going to a convention and being recruited for a superhero team, then being given honest to goodness powers! No, there's nothing suspicious about that...


While the fight scenes are obligatory, they’re also duplicative. It’s almost like a one-issue story was stretched to two. On the other hand, the story avoids a team-up between the two teams to bring down the villain.


Uncle Sam has the best line of the issue:

Dagnabbit, Sonny! When’re you people going to realize I embody the spirit of America -- and that’s not an easy thing to kill!

Is Pearson really dead? Twice now, the editors have told us on the letters page that it’s his final appearance. Did Doll Man really shoot him? I’m actually a little confused by the art. Did Pearson shoot first, drop the gun, then Doll Man picked it up and shot him?


Finally, I had hoped for more than a 2-panel origin of the Crusaders. Although they won’t appear again in the pages of this comic, there’s more to know about them… Come back next week when we “marvel” over The Invaders #14. Say what?!?


Title: Freedom Fighters

Issue #: 9

Cover Date: July/Aug. 1977

On Sale Date: April 12, 1977

Writer: Bob Rozakis

Penciller: Dick Ayers

Inker: Jack Abel

Editor: Jack C. Harris

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