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Freedom Fighters Pt. 15: Freedom Fighters #11

Our story continues with Happy Terrill lying wounded in an undisclosed location after being rescued by an unidentified man. Somewhat delirious, he recalls the origin of his alter ego, the Ray…

When Happy regains his senses, the mystery man says…

I know it’s me you and your compatriots have been searching for -- and now that I’ve been found, I surrender! You can take me back!

That’s all well and good, but just who is this person? We won’t find out until the next issue.


Meanwhile, the trial of Darrel Dane (Doll Man), charged for first degree murder of District Attorney David Pearson, begins in New York City. Witness Michael Tulane, another D.A., testifies that he walked in on Darrel holding a smoking gun.


Deep in the heart of Texas, the Human Bomb expresses impatience that he, Uncle Sam, and Phantom Lady aren’t doing anything to help Happy and Darrel.


Downtown, a group of native Americans are begging for a phony school fund to try to raise some money for themselves. During the height of their frustration, they call upon their ancestors and find themselves with powers...

We have been granted the powers to fulfill our dreams -- no one can stand in our way now! No more begging -- now we’ll take what we want!

And they’ll start with the bank that’s across the street.


This, of course, creates an opportunity for a trio of Freedom Fighters to intervene. In turn, it creates an opportunity for their actions to be misunderstood…

Back in court, it's revealed that D.A. Pearson’s secretary was called away from her desk, giving Darrel the opportunity to enter the office unannounced. Accused of luring her away, then asked if he murdered David Pearson, Darrel responds…

No, ma’am… I did not!

Back in Texas, the battle with “the Renegades” concludes and the police let the Freedom Fighters leave of their own free will.


Finally, back in court one more time…

Can you say, "Cliffhanger?"




Issue #11 doesn’t have separate adventures for combinations of team members; however, the story is split naturally based upon its different plot threads. It doesn’t have quite the impact that The Empire Strikes Back does in separating its characters, but it keeps the action moving and the suspense building.


We have a one-page re-telling of the Ray’s origin. How does it compare to the original story in Smash Comics #14 (Sept., 1940?) It’s a faithful update of this original text:

Suddenly the balloon is swept upward into a strange field! A weird haze of cosmic light glows around the balloon! Terrill grows rigid! The cosmic storm lashes at the balloon in a fury of dazzling lights…

Finally for those of you concerned about the condition of Uncle Sam’s hat…

Next week: Firebrand!


Title: Freedom Fighters

Issue #: 11

Cover Date: Nov.-Dec., 1977

On Sale Date: Aug. 18, 1977

Writer: Bob Rozakis

Penciller: Dick Ayers

Inker: Jack Abel

Editor: Jack C. Harris

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