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Freedom Fighters Pt. 18: Freedom Fighters #14

Provincetown, Massachusetts -- present site of Kane’s Kolossal Karnival -- where seven hunted heroes have decided to forget their worries for a while and relax!
But the rest will be brief as the Freedom Fighters find themselves visiting the…
Sideshows of Doom!

Just in case you think the FFers are the only heroes incognito on the scene, we hasten to point out Kathy Kane and Barbara Gordon, otherwise known as Batwoman and Batgirl! I smell a team-up... But first, we have a temporary split-up… three team members hop on the rollercoaster, two head to the other end of the midway for the age-guessing booth, and two have an afternoon snack.

Uncle Sam and Black Condor fly into action to rescue the Human Bomb and the Ray so they can help, while Firebrand and Dollman chase after the villain. But our two guest stars swoop in to snatch him…

Later, lamenting the fact that they’re still fugitives, Uncle Sam comes up with an idea. He presents to Kane and Gordon…

After a hard day on the new job, the trio of Roy, Happy, and Sandy try again to ride the rollercoaster. But when they later encounter their teammates, they’re in a trance. The situation escalates and…

Sam says:

Whatever they were… and whatever is going on here… is something we can fight much better as -- the Freedom Fighters!

Their first stop? To Kane and Gordon’s office, where they accuse them of hiding something…




As you can tell by my brief summary, it's another easy-breezy issue. However, romantic relationships continue to evolve in Freedom Fighters #14...


When Roy (Human Bomb) Lincoln and Happy (The Ray) Terrill both offer to take Sandy (Phantom Lady) Knight on the rollercoaster, the competition between the two men for the woman’s affection becomes a prominent plot point. And it’s not a surprise to the rest of the team:

Meanwhile, Darrell is down in the dumps over Martha. Rod tries to cheer him up, but he's not hearing any of it.


So what is it with the ladies? Does Sandy have interest in either Roy or Happy? And why did Martha's departure leave Darrel so despondent?


Let's close with a house ad for Showcase #100. This was a landmark issue for DC, featuring characters who were either introduced or starred in the title at some point during its run. Visit the DC Fandom Wiki to read more.


Title: Freedom Fighters

Issue #: 14

Cover Date: May-June, 1978

On Sale Date: Feb. 9, 1978

Writer: Bob Rozakis

Penciller: Dick Ayers

Inker: Jack Abel

Editor: Jack C. Harris

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