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Freedom Fighters Pt. 4: Freedom Fighters #2

Huh? The Human Bomb -- destroying a subway train? What in the world is going on? A good question, friend… one we’re about to answer! Up to now, those abilities -- like the power of the Human Bomb -- have been used for the advancement of that abstract concept known as “good” --! Apparently, things have changed, indeed!

Uncle Sam rips a giant hole in the concrete and the Ray barrels through a group of policemen.It seems three of the Freedom Fighters aren’t exactly wreaking this havoc with their own free will…

Meanwhile, District Attorney Pearson is questioning his decision to allow the heroes entrance to New York. He argues with the mayor’s chief of staff about the political ramifications.


Suddenly the Silver Ghost appears on televisions everywhere. He says, “My ancestors once owned most of Manhattan Island, when it was known as New Amsterdam. Through treachery and deceit--

Pearson calls the police commisioner…

It seems we have no other choice. Capture the Freedom Fighters -- and if necessary -- shoot to kill!

When Sam hears that the Silver Ghost intends on people dying, he declares their truce over. The battle begins.


Afterwards, the Ray discovers that the Silver Ghost’s “Midas touch” was merely an “electromagnetic gimmick.”

But if he’s dead -- then Sandy, Darryl and Tom -- are doomed!

Not necessarily. We don’t see how exactly he does it, but the Human Bomb reminds everyone that he’s a physicist. Before you know it…

The police are still after the team, though, and in the last panel, they arrive, ordering them to surrender, or they will open fire...




With one and a half pages of recap, Freedom Fighters #2 seems a little light on content. Granted it covers a lot of ground, but it's still a quick read. It begins in the middle of the action and I had to flip back to the cover to make sure I hadn't skipped an issue. It takes a while before the three team members that were turned to solid silver are even mentioned.


The Human Bomb is the hero that shines in this issue. He's got a short fuse (pun intended)...

The Ghost is gonna pay for this, Sam! Some day -- he’s gonna pay!

...but we also learn a little more how he feels about his powers. During battle, he says, "Never thought I’d be happy I’m a freak --

We also see Uncle Sam in action more than we did last issue:

The team is feeling good at the end that they've won their first battle; however, little do they realize the war is just beginning...


Title: Freedom Fighters

Issue #: 2

Cover Date: May/June 1976

On Sale Date: Feb. 10, 1976

Cover Artists: Dick Giordano, Tatjana Wood, John Workman

Writer: Gerry Conway

Penciller: Pablo Marcos

Inker: Tex Blaisdell

Editor: Gerry Conway

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