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Freedom Fighters Pt. 6: Freedom Fighters #4

The Freedom Fighters march into the United Nations intending to claim diplomatic immunity from arrest as representatives of Earth-X. They just can’t help from getting themselves in trouble again, though, as they fight with U.N. security guards.


15 seconds: that’s all it takes for the strident echoes of heated debate to fade in the great hall of the General Assembly as the six Freedom Fighters sprint swiftly down the center aisle… Five seconds more, and a low, steady hum rises to the vaulted ceiling -- the drone of incredulous whispers and a thousand earphones instantly translating the words of Uncle Sam that ring out above the buzz… "Now hold on just a gol-dang minute there, Mr. Speaker…"

Meanwhile, Diana Prince, who works at the U.N., senses the disturbance, peers into the great hall, and recalls a meeting with District Attorney Pearson during which she was strong-armed into helping bring in the Freedom Fighters.


Diana twirls her lasso and transforms into her alter ego, Wonder Woman! A fight immediately ensues…

Wonder Woman is able to use her lasso to force them to accompany her to Pearson’s office; however, she tells them she is on their side.


While they travel in her invisible jet, King Samson’s (see issue #2) memory returns. Following the death of the Silver Ghost, he retrieved one of the gloves that allowed Silver Ghost to turn things into silver. When he accidentally killed his mother…

That was when a simple brute went mad!

He, of course, blames the Freedom Fighters for killing the Silver Ghost and starting this chain reaction. He swears to make them pay.


In the meantime, Wonder Woman seems to have convinced D.A. Pearson to make a deal: the Ray, Black Condor, and Doll Man are locked up while the Human Bomb, Phantom Lady, and Uncle Sam are allowed to wander free to find the Silver Ghost’s henchmen.


Wonder Woman goes to the JLA satellite to help look for the henchmen. Instead, she learns that…

Somebody is using the Silver Ghost’s devices in New York -- but the overall effect is… incredible!

She gathers the three Freedom Fighters that are not imprisoned…

The building explodes, with King Sansom standing at the epicenter. Now, for the first time, the Freedom Fighters use their powers to save potential victims of the explosion, rather than to fight.


However, they eventually fight with King Samson and Wonder Woman is presumed dead. Uncle Sam surmises that the Silver Ghost’s glove is weakening the bedrock upon which Manhattan rests.

Wonder Woman dead? New York doomed? Be here next issue when begins The Reign of King Samson!



In this issue, we learn of another new power since the Freedom Fighters came to DC:

For the first time, I believe, the story makes a point of addressing the team’s Earth. I’m glad, because it’s part of what makes them the Freedom Fighters:

Uncle Sam later comments…

It’d make the Nazi bombing raids back home on Earth-X look like Sunday school picnics!

We also gain a little insight into Phantom Lady and it seems the qualities of being female that I’ve been criticizing may be a product of Earth-X. During battle with King Samson, Wonder Woman tells her…

I don’t really understand where your head’s at, but let me tell you something: we’re as good -- or better -- than any male!

Finally, the letters column announces a change in creative staff next issue as editor Gerry Conway “is preparing to leave the firmament of DC super-stars to seek greater fortunes elsewhere.”


For now, let’s end with a cool ad from this issue, one that announces the DC TV line of comics…


Title: Freedom Fighters

Issue #: 4

Cover Date: Sept./Oct. 1976

On Sale Date: June 3, 1976

Writer: Martin Pasko

Penciller: Ramona Fradon

Inker: Vince Colletta

Colorist: Liz Berube

Editor: Gerry Conway

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