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Freedom Fighters Pt. 7: Freedom Fighters #5

Before us stands Uncle Sam -- leader of the Freedom Fighters -- and in his arms is the Amazon princess who attempted to aid our embattled super-team, her name is Wonder Woman and she has just been murdered!

Uncle Sam reminds the Human Bomb that he can’t go after King Samson because if he removes his glove, he will have the power to destroy New York City.

Still, it takes the Human Bomb removing his glove and timing his punch perfectly to avoid an earthquake and kickstart the power to return Wonder Woman to life.

Unfortunately, King Samson creates an “energy backlash” that shoots across the city and revives the Silver Ghost.


Meanwhile, with the rest of the team still in jail, D.A. Pearson grants permission for Martha Roberts to interview them so that the public hears their side of the story. To Doll Man’s shock, Roberts is an exact double of his old girlfriend that died a long time ago… and he’s never forgotten her.


Doll Man looks out the window and calls to his teammates…

They escape, putting Pearson in their place behind bars. As for Roberts...

Arriving at the scene of the battle with King Samson, the Silver Ghost realizes that Samson stands in the way of him reaching his goal of reclaiming the island for his family. With new mental powers since his resurrection, the Silver Ghost controls King Samson’s hand to use the glove on himself.


As the team reunites, the Silver Ghost announces that he’s more powerful than ever. Pearson then arrives and places the team under arrest, forcing Uncle Sam to proclaim…

Looks like there’s only one thing to do then, team. If we want our freedom -- we’re gonna have to fight for it!

They escape and while Pearson suffers ridicule on television, Wonder Woman appears to tell him that the Freedom Fighters saved her life. He tells his assistant to cancel the murder charge, but everything else sticks.


In a dark alley, Phantom Lady asks Uncle Sam what they do now.

Can’t rightly say, Sandy… but one thing’s for certain -- we’ve got to find the Silver Ghost -- before the authorities find us!



No one stays dead in comic books, hero or villain. Freedom Fighters #5 gives us the resurrections of both Wonder Woman and the Silver Ghost. The former is entirely anticipated; the latter is not. Come on, though, we’re in the fifth issue and we’re already churning the same story with the same players and the same dilemma for the team.


Granted, it’s the first issue for a new writer and editor. To a certain extent, they have to play with the cards they’ve been dealt. It seems like a missed opportunity, though, to not move the story forward instead of repeat it. Maybe they have something new in mind, but needed to go back to the original set-up to reach a different outcome.


In the letters column, Freedom Fan Mail, Tony Isabella in essence asks for a leap of fatih…

If you’re wondering what my plans for the Freedom Fighters are, the best way to find out is to buy every ish without fail.

Isabella then explains that due to his other commitments (Kobra, Metal Men), Martin Pasko wasn’t able to remain the writer of Freedom Fighters and he introduces Bob Rozakis.


Interesting character moments:

  • It’s Phantom Lady who keeps a level head and suggests the solution for bringing Wonder Woman back to life.

  • The Human Bomb reminds Uncle Sam and Phantom Lady that he’s no dummy; he was physicist Roy Lincoln before he became the Human Bomb.

  • Doll Man discovers he has a new power: by simply thinking about stopping Black Condor’s high-speed fall… it happens.

Finally, in case you’re a continuity nerd and wonder how King Samson was able to break Wonder Woman’s lasso, Isabella promises that Rozakis will explain everything in Wonder Woman #228 ("on sale in November.")


Title: Freedom Fighters

Issue #: 5

Cover Date: Nov./Dec. 1976

On Sale Date: Aug. 25, 1976

Writer: Bob Rozakis

Penciller: Ramona Fradon

Inker: Vince Colletta

Colorist: Liz Berube

Editor: Tony Isabella

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