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Freedom Fighters Pt. 9: Freedom Fighters #7

When last we saw our heroes it was Halloween. Now, a few days before Christmas, winter has come to their cabin hideaway near Rutland, Vermont…

Ever since Homilus attacked Black Condor with his mental powers, he’s developed some kind of telepathic ability himself; however, when he tries to focus it, he loses control.


Meanwhile, Uncle Sam remembers readin’ in one of Martha’s magazines about a place in upstate New York called, “Santaland.” We soon learn that the sinister “Elf” is hatching a diabolical plan. He reminds “Santa” of their intentions to turn Santaland into the “true North Pole” by Christmas Eve. However…

The Freedom Fighters arrive to investigate and immediately fight an army of deadly toy soldiers, a sleuth of robotic grizzly bears, and an assortment of animated dolls.


Surprisingly, the team’s powers have little effect on their foes. In fact, Black Condor finds himself bound like a modern day Gulliver. It’s him, though, that must use his new mental powers to find out who’s behind all this.


Just as he’s discovered, Elf unleashes his final assault…

Ultimately, the Ray covers Elf with melting snow, which then, because it’s “just cold enough,” instantly freezes him.


When the sheriff and his men arrive, the team must once again flee.


Back in New York, D.A. Pearson can see no good out of anything the Freedom Fighters do. Here, he blames them for thousands of dollars of damage to Santaland instead of crediting them for foiling an attempt to change the Earth’s axis.


The issue ends with some strangers volunteering to catch them…





Freedom Fighters #7 is an odd issue. It’s not clear to me why the Freedom Fighters go to Santaland in the first place. Black Condor mentions a vague recollection, then Uncle Sam remembers seeing it in a magazine. However, why do they go there? If I were to guess, it’s that part of Black Condor’s new powers include the ability to either see into the future or to sense dangerous threats.


The romantic relationships continue to develop…

The star of the issue has to be Uncle Sam for this amazing move:

Finally, I’m left questioning D.A. Pearson’s motives. Why is he so focused on stopping the Freedom Fighters? Could it be that he’s the pawn of a supervillain? I can’t say it would be a surprise considering we’re talking about a comic book and it’s a familiar trope. We’ll see what happens...


Title: Freedom Fighters

Issue #: 7

Cover Date: March/April 1977

On Sale Date: Dec. 23, 1976

Writer: Bob Rozakis

Penciller: Dick Ayers

Inker: Jack Abel

Editor: Tony Isabella

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