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Man-Bat Pt. 12: Batman Family #11

Beginning a new series of amazing adventures of the strangest member of the Batman family…

It’s tough times for Kirk Langstrom and his wife, Francine. He takes to the air at night in his Man-Bat persona, hoping to collect “thank you” money for stopping crimes. It seems they’ll soon have a “Kirk, Jr.” to feed.

On the morning news, the Langstroms learn about a costumed villain that appeared after Man-Bat left: Snafu. Store owners are offering a $1,000 reward for his capture.


The next night, the blinding lights and maddening sounds produced by Snafu are worse for Man-Bat because of his “ultra-acute bat-hearing.”

The morning news reports a different story the next day. Thanks to Man-Bat, police were able to recover “all the loot from Snafu’s previous robberies.”

But unlike other super-heroes, Man-Bat insists on collecting an rewards offered for the capture of criminals –

Notes .

A year after he last appeared in Detective Comics, Man-Bat returns in Batman Family #11, along with the continuing story of “the Dynamite Duo” of Batgirl and Robin, and the debut of the new team of Commissioner Gordon and Alfred.

Although their circumstances are mostly the same as when we left our characters, there are a couple new twists. Besides Francine being pregnant, Man-Bat has developed a new power:

Also, editor Julius Schwartz reminds us that although Kirk Langstrom left Gotham City so he wouldn’t be competing with Batman, New York City does have Wonder Woman and Karate Kid… but they work mostly by day.


It’s a quick, eight-page adventure that’s self-contained; however, ends with two panels setting up the next one:


Title: Batman Family

Issue #: 11

Cover Date: May/June, 1977

On Sale Date: Feb. 24, 1977

Writer(s): Bob Rozakis

Penciller: Marshall Rogers

Inker: Tex Blaisdell

Editor: Julius Schwartz

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