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Man-Bat Pt. 13: Batman Family #12

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

All the best things in life used to be free – today there’s a tax on most of them! Fortunately, they haven’t figured out how to tax the free concerts in New York’s Central Park – so when you’re on a tight budget like Kirk and Francine Langstrom, that’s where you go for an evening out!

When a jaguar roams through the crowd, causing panic…

After taking care of the threat…

It appears that the jaguar was a distraction for a robbery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art by “the Sunset Gang…”

--cause when the sun goes down, we get up!

As Man-Bat attacks, the gang uses an unusual weapon on him…

With his new feline body running purely on animal instinct, Kirk Langstrom, the were-Jaguar (or Uturuncu), flees.


The next morning, he risks stepping into the sun in hopes that it will return him to his “normal” self. It works and Man-Bat flies to safety.

What will happen to Kirk Langstrom next time the sun goes down? Who is the mysterious Mr. O behind the Sunset Gang? The answer… and more… next issue!



I really don’t like Kirk and Francine becoming so dependent on reward money in order to survive. Well, I guess I don’t mind the situation, but I don’t like Kirk’s continuing comments about it.


When he returns the jaguar on the third page of the story, he says:

Aw, shoot! Thought I might reap a reward for bagging that jaguar – but nobody stayed around to see me do it!

I do, however, like Francine’s response:

Well, I saw you—and I think you were sensational!

Then, when he first sees the Sunset Gang at the museum, Man-Bat thinks:

--I wonder what I may get for rounding up that felonious foursome?

This source of income (or lack thereof) seems unsustainable. Plus, if Kirk wants to be the “New York City version of the Batman," he must realize that the Caped Crusader doesn’t do what he does for the money.


Nevertheless, it’s a quick, 10-page read that’s full of action and entertainment.


Finally, I must add that the cover is a tease that connects three stories in Batman Family #12 that are not really connected at all. The characters do not crossover into each other’s stories.


Title: Batman Family

Issue #: 12

Cover Date: July/Aug., 1977

On Sale Date: April 21, 1977

Writer(s): Bob Rozakis

Penciller: Marshall Rogers

Inker: Terry Austin

Editor: Julius Schwartz

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