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Man-Bat Pt. 16: Batman Family #15

Gotham City has been the proving-ground of the Batman, Robin, Batgirl — the “greats” of crime-fighting! But is also the home of a resourceful, battle-scarred Viet-Nam veteran whose only weapons in the war on crime are a cane and a razor-sharp intelligence — Jason Bard.

Man-Bat visits Captain Daniels to gather information about the shotgun sniper plaguing New York City.


Meanwhile, private detective Jason Bard visits the Langstrom’s apartment for the third time. Francine lets him in to talk, but may soon regret it…

Mrs. Langstrom — you are the only connection I can find between the sniper’s victims — the common denominator!

After he’s told to leave, Bard waits on the roof for Man-Bat to return home. When he does, he sees Bard’s cane and mistakes him for the sniper. While they head towards a face-off:



It’s very funny when Man-Bat finds the man on the roof that believes he is a pigeon-demon. He tells him instead that he’s the god of the bats! Then…

I really like the art by Michael Golden. Just look at the way he draws Man-Bat, often exploding outside the panel frame:

Meanwhile, the the Batmail Family letters column, two readers, Beth Montelone and Mike White “found the were-jaguar schtick a trifle hard to accept.” Writer Bob Rozakis explains…

The name [Uturuncu] was found in Julie’s [Schwartz] copy of Roget’s Thesaurus during the plotting session of the Man-Bat tale. The search for a definition ended with fellow-editor Murray Boltinoff’s unabridged dictionary, which gave us the authentic information utilized in the story.

There you go… once again proving that comics are educational!


Title: Batman Family

Issue #: 15

Cover Date: Dec./Jan. 1977

On Sale Date: Sept. 29, 1977

Writer(s): Bob Rozakis

Artist: Michael Golden

Editor: Julius Schwartz

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