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Man-Bat Pt. 20: Batman Family #19

Kirk Langstrom wakes up and cannot locate Francine, but their bedroom window is open.

Just as "She-Bat" is knocked down, Man-Bat swoops in.


Later, Kirk confronts his wife:

With this comes a realization:

Of course, Man-Bat stops Snafu and flies him to Captain Daniels, but Daniels is none too happy to see him.

In the night air, Man-Bat has another realization:

I think I’ve got a way to solve my financial problems – and keep on being Man-Bat! Now if Francine still has Jason Bard’s phone number…



For once, in #29, we have the same format for an issue of Batman Family as we did the previous month… same character stories (Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Man-Bat, Huntress) and same page counts!


As I predicted last week, it wasn’t Kirk Langstrom, Man-Bat, flying around town fighting crime; it was Francine Langstrom, She-Bat! It’s more obvious on Danny Bulanadi’s splash page that the bat-creature is a woman… narrower waist, slender hips, less hairy…


Then, when Man-Bat appears, something becomes painfully obvious. Why does he wear pants and she doesn’t? Bulandi’s art is still OK, even though we see more details of Man-Bat this time around. And, regardless of the artist, this is a beautiful panel:


Title: Batman Family

Issue #: 19

Cover Date: Aug./Sept. 1978

On Sale Date: May 16, 1978

Writer(s): Bob Rozakis

Penciller: Danny Bulanadi

Inker: Romeo Tanghal

Editor: Allen Milgram

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