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Man-Bat Pt. 27: Batman #341

Commissioner Gordon asks Bruce Wayne for his permission to search Wayne Mansion.

Batman discovers that the grandfather clock in the main hall is open.

I’ve got to stop Gordon from searching Wayne Manor – any way I can!

However, Gordon arrives with Dr. Thirteen (the “Ghost Breaker”) and Miss Crum, a representative of the Gotham Historical Society. Why?

Batman watches as they enter…

My first priority is to keep them from discovering the secret of Wayne Manor!

Batman sabotages Dr. Thirteen’s equipment to prevent ultra-high frequency pulses from pinpointing the entrance to the Batcave.


When something knocks down Gordon, Batman says,

Apparently there really is a “ghost” haunting Wayne Manor. It’s up to me to follow it now – wherever it may take me.

After turning on the lights in the Batcave…

Dr. Thirteen re-enters Wayne Manor to spy on Batman’s investigation and finds Man-Bat clutching the Dark Night Detective…

Next Issue: Man or Man-Bat?



Man-Bat is simply a guest-star in Batman #341, appearing in only four panels out of 17 pages. However, one of them is this beautiful full-page scene:

There’s not much to say at this point, other than Batman deduced that it was Man-Bat hiding in Wayne Manor. It will be interesting to see why, as well as why Kirk Langstrom seems to be vicious as his leathery-winged alter ego.


I don’t know if the title of the next part (in Batman #342) will really be Man or Man-Bat; however, if it is, it evokes the title of Man-Bat’s second appearance in Detective Comics #402: Man or Bat? I doubt if it’s purposeful.


Title: Batman

Issue #: 341

Cover Date: Nov. 1981

On Sale Date: Aug. 6, 1981

Writer(s): Gerry Conway

Penciller: Irving H. Novick

Inker: Frank McLaughlin

Editor: Dick Giordano

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