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Man-Bat Pt. 30: Detective Comics #527

Kirk Langstrom has been so consumed by work that he hasn’t taken the Man-Bat antidote in at least a week!

Similarly, Batman has a nagging feeling that he’s spreading himself too thin. Therefore, when they inevitably meet, it doesn’t go well.

Learning that Jason Todd is Batman’s “son,” Man-Bat flies away with him in his arms.



Why does Man-Bat hate Batman once again? It seemed like he forgave him in Batman #348 and we were left with a happy ending. I may have misunderstood, because, even though he “cured” him, Man-Bat tells Alfred,

He destroyed my life – almost ruined my marriage – destroyed my child!

Once again, the Man-Bat part of the 16-page story occupies little real estate. Most of the pages provide updates about other ongoing subplots. It’s been a year since we’ve been updated and it seems Gordon is commissioner once again and Vicki Vale is now dating Bruce Wayne… but she thinks he’s losing interest in her.


Hopefully we get more Man-Bat in the second part of the story in Batman #361. It will be his next-to-last appearance in the pre-Crisis DC universe...


Title: Detective Comics

Issue #: 527

Cover Date: June 1983

On Sale Date: March 24, 1983

Writer(s): Doug Moench

Penciller: Dan Day

Inker: Pablo Marcos

Editor: Len Wein

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