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Meet the Freedom Fighters: Black Condor

From the beginning of time man has thought of flight. History records man’s feeble attempts through the years… wings of wax, gliders and now the airplane… but can he be master of the air until he himself can fly?

Archeologist Richard Grey leads an expedition through outer Mongolia with his wife and their baby, Dick. One night, their camp is attacked by raiders on horseback.

As the child crawls to the edge of a cliff,,,.

As he ages, the boy yearns to fly. During his first attempt, he plummets to earth in a heap

The first failure only sharpens his desire to fly and during the following years he puts his keen mind to the task of studying the movement of wings, the body motions, the air currents, balance, and levitation…

After an in-air fight with eagles, Dick crashes to the ground wounded. He’s discovered by an old hermit...

When Dick learns that the hermit was killed by the same raiders that killed his parents, he vows…

There is but one job for me in this world… to use my gift of flight to aid man!

During his first adventure, he drives the raiders back into the hills…



Black Condor was created for Quality Comics by Will Eisner (writer) and Lou Fine (artist.) He first appeared in Crack Comics #1 (May, 1940) in a seven-page story called simply, The Black Condor. It was published five months after Feature Comics #27, in which Doll Man debuted.


Black Condor alternated with the Clock as the cover-featured character for Crack Comics, but was popular and took over the feature story with #3. He then became the sole cover feature for issues #20-26.

Despite his success, the Black Condor series ended with Crack Comics #31 (Oct. 1943.) The character never had his own title with Quality,

Fun Facts

  • Black Condor was nicknamed “the man who can fly like a bird.”

  • Black Condor fought Japanese agents on flying kites called, “Kite-Men.”

  • Black Condor fought killer robots known as “the Spinning Deaths.”


Title: Crack Comics

Issue #: 1

Cover Date: May 1940

Writer: Will Eisner

Penciller: Lou Fine

Inker: Lou Fine

Editor: Ed Cronin

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