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Meet the Freedom Fighters: Doll Man

Professor Roberts makes a suggestion that changes everything for Darrell Dane…

Dane’s first reaction to the formula is less than heroic…

When he recovers (his arm was only grazed by the hypodermic), Roberts tells Dane:

What wonderful things you could do -- you’ve the strength of twenty men, and the power to do good or evil. Which will it be, Darrell?

Doll Man’s first fight is against Falco, who’s blackmailing his fiancee (and Professor Roberts’s daughter), Martha. At first, the bad guy is not impressed:

Am I dreamin’?--Why it’s only a tiny--I’ll crush him!!

Before long, though, the tables have turned and Falco learns that powerful things come in small packages…



The first future member of DC’s Freedom Fighters to appear in comics was Doll Man (Darrell Dane.) He debuted in Feature Comics #27 (Dec. 1937) in a four-page story called, Meet the Doll Man. Created by Will Eisner, Doll Man was the first Quality Comics superhero character.


This isn’t the only first for Doll Man, though. He was also the first superhero with shrinking power, beating the Atom (Ray Palmer) by nearly 22 years and Ant-Man (Hank Pym) by nearly 23 years.

Doll Man appeared in Feature Comics for a decade, with his final appearance in #129 (Oct. 1949.) He appeared in his own self-titled series for 47 issues between 1941 and 1953. When it was cancelled, the character did not appear until after DC purchased the Quality characters.

Fun Facts

  • Doll Man sports a red and blue costume sewn by Martha

  • Doll Man was nicknamed “The World’s Mightiest Mite”

  • In Doll Man #37, Martha gains the same shrinking powers and becomes "Doll Girl"

  • Doll Man is sometimes aided by a Great Dane named, "Elmo the Wonder Dog"

  • When not in use, his "Dollplane" was kept as a model airplane in his study

  • During World War II, Doll Man was frequently depicted riding a bald eagle


Title: Feature Comics

Issue #: 27

Cover Date: Dec. 1939

Writer: Will Eisner

Penciller: Will Eisner

Inker: Will Eisner

Editor: Ed Cronin

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