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Meet the Freedom Fighters: The Human Bomb

Roy Lincoln was a chemist who worked with his demolition expert father on a formula called 27-QRX. When Nazis learned of this chemical and its explosive properties, they attempted to steal it. In order to protect it, Roy drank it and began suffering from strange side effects that enabled him to defeat the bad guys.


The Human Bomb debuted in Police Comics #1 and since, as with Phantom Lady, I could not find a public domain copy from which to borrow, I am going to write about Roy Lincoln’s final Quality Comics adventure in Police Comics #58 (cover date September 1946.)

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Roy Lincoln, brilliant experimental scientist, who, when he dons his armor, becomes the racket-racking Human Bomb!
And here’s his little stooge, Useless Throckmorton.

Uh, that’s “Hustace,” not “Useless” (see Notes below.) Hustace arranges his own setup to catch the thieves from a grocery store robbery. When things go wrong, it’s the Human Bomb to the rescue:

When all is settled, Hustace claims credit and Roy expresses his opinion:



Wow, just like Phantom Lady, the Human Bomb’s adventures seem to have devolved into comedy. Although they are called “funny books” for a reason, it’s a definite shift in tone for both of the heroes between their introductory and concluding stories. The Human Bomb ran in Police Comics longer than Phantom Lady, although did not enjoy other adventures until DC purchased the Quality Comics characters.


Hustace Throckmorton joined the cast in 1943 as comedy relief. Following a blood transfusion from Roy, he gained similar powers… but only on the bottoms of his feet. Hence, this odd scene in Police Comics #58:

Although he appeared "on the side" of covers for Police Comics #1-14, the Human Bomb was never featured in action on the cover. The first four issues featured Firebrand and, starting with #5, it was Plastic Man through the end of the Human Bomb's appearances in the book.

Fun Facts

  • The Human Bomb can cause explosions in any object.

  • He protects this from happening all the time by wearing asbestos gloves…

  • ...which were later changed to “Fibro-wax” gloves.

  • He eventually did not have to wear a full containment suit, but he always had to wear gloves.

  • He fights Mr. Chameleon and Herman Stingmayer, the “Pied Piper of Destruction.”

  • Yarboe is a villain that has the Human Bomb's same explosive powers

  • Roy shared his formula with three friends that became known as “the Bombardiers.”


Title: Police Comics

Issue #: 1

Cover Date: August, 1941

On Sale Date: 5-14-1941

Writer: Paul Gustavson

Penciller: Paul Gustavson

Inker: Paul Gustavson

Editor: Ed Cronin

Title: Police Comics

Issue #: 58

Cover Date: September, 1946

Writer: Paul Gustavson

Penciller: Paul Gustavson

Inker: Paul Gustavson

Editor: George Brenner

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