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Metamorpho Pt. 11: Justice League of America #44

Title: Justice League of America

Issue #: 44

Cover Date: May 1966

On Sale Date: March 10, 1966

Writer: Gardner Fox

Penciller: Mike Sekowsky

Inker: Frank Giacola

Editor: Julius Schwartz

Without warning an awesome malady strikes four members of the Justice League – Flash! Batman! Atom! Green Lantern! Simultaneously doubling in size, the are resigned to living the rest of their lives as giants – when they get the dread news that their gigantic size will result in their deaths – within ten hours!

The Plague that Struck the Justice League!


Several hours ago, Green Lantern was on the planet Sstharssos battling an insect-like creature that changed colors and turned yellow, making it invulnerable to his power ring.


With his microscopic vision, Superman sees that an alien micro-organism inside Batman’s body made him double in size. He remembers seeing such antibodies inside the Unimaginable when they were fighting it. Flash and Atom were also affected because they had been inside the Unimaginable’s body.

The quintet of superheroes may not need an antidote to the strange antibodies which have increased the normal size of four of them! For racing toward them comes a new and mighty menace on this amazing world! Unless they can defeat that menace…

Batman “judo-handles” his attacker. Flash circles his target. Green Lantern brings to live egg-beater blades to disperse a tornado. Atom throws rocks at his enemy. Superman flies like a human missile to stop a robot. Then…

Time is precious! After you four absorbed the antibodies from the Unimaginable, they underwent an “incubation period”… after which you became “ill”…

As Doctor Bendorion works on a cure, the League’s secret sanctuary erupts with a call to arms…

Attention, Justice League! Gangs of crooks have stormed into Seacoast City – wielding astonishing powers as they commit crimes –

Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Green Arrow head to Seacoast City.

Sure enough – as the fearsome five roar into battle action once again, their unconventional attacks take the thieves completely by surprise.

Doctor Bendorion nears completion of his cure and releases the League members to stop the latest threat. They do, but there’s one more twist…

Never fear, the League was on to him the whole time and Superman is able to dispatch Bendorion with a single punch.




Technically, Metamorpho barely appears in this pseudo-sequel to the story in Justice League of America #42. However, the League was kind enough to let him know that he might be affected by the same plague that threatens the giant-sized heroes…

It’s funny to me that a “double-size Atom” still stands only about as high as Flash’s knee:

But it’s sad to me that Wonder Woman is reduced to seamstress.

This is a fun and fully-packed issue of Justice League of America. While Metamorpho didn't need to appear at all, it's nice to see him in two panels. It's a detail of continuity that I appreciate. And the story gives each of the other heroes a great opportunity to shine.


Finally, this relic of nostaligia appears inside the front cover. Not only do I remember running home from school to watch Dark Shadows, I remember watching The Adventures of Superman during late afternoon syndication (although I don't see any Oklahoma stations on this list.)

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