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Metamorpho Pt. 12: Metamorpho #6

Title: Metamorpho

Issue #: 6

Cover Date: May-June, 1966

On Sale Date: March 31, 1966

Writer: Bob Haney

Penciller: Joe Orlando

Inker: Michael Esposito

Editor: George Kashdan

Holy Hannah, you meta-maniacs out there, you know me – I’m just a shy shrinking violet! But I can’t help puffing out my chemical chest about the latest and wildest wing-ding of an adventure that I got my molecules mixed up in… so if you’ve taken the large gamble and unclenched your grubby paws to part with the big twelve cents, read on – take the full plunge and find out why you should never, never, but…

Never Bet Against an Element Man

. In Paris, Metamorpho transforms into pure nitric acid so he can dissolve the Eiffel Tower and funnel it into an awaiting tanker truck.

Simon Stagg’s surefire system to beat the casino failed and he lost Metamorpho in a bet. However, when he refuses to cooperate, he and Sapphire find a note pinned from Achille le Heele (ha, ha) to the door above an unconscious Java:

Unless Metamorpho gives his service to me, you will never see M’sieu Stagg again.

Pressured by Sapphire, that’s how Metamorpho came to find himself “heisting” the Eiffel Tower.

An international police officer had apparently hidden incriminating evidence against le Heele on one of the Seven Wonders of the World, such as the Eiffel Tower, so liquifying it will make it much easier to search it at his convenience. As our hero says:

What a crack-skulled scheme!

When no evidence is found, it’s on to the next Wonder, the Taj Mahal…

When no evidence is found, it’s on to the new Wonder, the Empire State Building. However, Metamorpho first decides to try to find Stagg. He and Java rescue him from the island of Monte Cristo, but le Heele’s goons fire upon them and Simon falls into the water…

Sapphire assures the authorities that Metamorpho was not responsible for the crimes. However, without evidence, they can’t arrest le Heele… that is, until they learn that “Seven Wonders of the World” was simply a code and the evidence is hidden in a seat cushion which has now been transferred to Simon’s… er, skin. . Le Heele somehow gets away with Simon and Sapphire, so Metamorpho and Java must go on another rescue mission.

After a daring battle at sea, all ends well…

And if you’re wondering how I put those outsize knick-knacks back, I’m not telling! It’s a professional Element Man secret!

Notes . In Metamorpho #6, we see Java have another funny, deluded moment:

It's also funny (and convenient) that Java is wearing suspenders when Metamorpho transforms into a ball of "Greek fire," so he can send him flying like a slingshot. .

There are a couple fun comment on the letters page, Blue Blazes! What Mail! First, Michael Ratalle & William Wood from Duke University write:

Congratulations. In Metamorpho, you have finally created a character with the twentieth century college student mind.

Then, Leo Frazer from Rancho Cordova, California, writes:

No offense, Metamorpho, but good golly, Miss Molly, you sure are ugly. Can’t they restore you to good old handsome Rex Mason and still let you shuffle your atoms?

The column ends with a silly pun that acknowledges the praise while encouraging other readers...

We must be doing something – write!

I loved seeing this ad for another 1960's DC favorite of mine:

Finally, the Direct Currents feature teases us about Metamorpho's next appearance:

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