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Metamorpho Pt. 17: Metamorpho #9-15

The following issues of Metamorpho share the same creative credits:


Writer: Bob Haney

Penciller: Sal Trapani

Inker: Charles Paris

Editor: George Kashdan

Issue #: 9

Cover Date: Nov.-Dec. 1966

On Sale Date: Sept. 27, 1966

The Valley That Time Forgot


Simon Stagg sends Rex on “Operation Tinker Toy,” a mission to examine giant machines waiting in a lost valley.


After encountering a tribe of aggressive cavemen, Stagg believes he’s solved the mystery: the machines were built by their ancestors from a fantastically advanced civilization.


Meanwhile, El Matanzas, a dictator from a neighboring country arrives to commandeer the machines, believing he will use them to conquer and rule once again...


Issue #: 10

Cover Date: Jan.-Feb. 1967

On Sale Date: Nov. 23, 1966

The Sinister Snares of Stingaree


The wedding of Rex Mason, aka Metamorpho, and Sapphire Stagg is interrupted by Urania Blackwell, alias… Element Girl, desperate for the hero’s assistance in stopping the hordes of Cyclops, the world crime syndicate, and its evil leader, Stingaree.


At Cylcops headquarters, a former secret Nazi lair, Rex and Urania are greeted by a giant robot liquidator and a sonic cannon that can blast them to bits. It could be a real humdinging catastrophe if old hydrogen-head and Miss Catalyst don’t bust loose!


Issue #: 11

Cover Date: Mar.-Apr. 1967

On Sale Date: Jan. 26, 1967

They Came from... Beyond?


Picking up from last issue, Metamorpho carries home the lifeless body of Urania Blackwell, aka Element Girl, in hopes that Simon Stagg can bring her back to life.


Simon is summoned to Washington D.C. by the President over a national UFO emergency. He, Rex, and Java meet Vrag-Kol, bringing greetings from the stars. However, when Metamorpho notices cigarette stains on his fingers, he realizes the whole ball of wax is phony. It’s a ruse to gain control of Bunker Baker Able, the secret central command post…


Issue #: 12

Cover Date: May-June 1967

On Sale Date: March 28, 1967

The Trap of the Test-Tube Terrors


Simon Stagg announces a $1 million prize for anyone who can cure Metamorpho, but it’s only an expensive ploy to get the Element Man to shut up forever about asking for a cure.


Simon is being duped, too, though. The winner, Professor Franz Zorb, uses his resources to create a team of baddies… Element Men, if you will.


After destroying the mansion (and Sapphire’s Paris wardrobe), Zorb and his deadly robots are on their way to the big football game at Stagg’s alma mater…


Issue #: 13

Cover Date: July-Aug. 1967

On Sale Date: May 25, 1967

The Return from Limbo


Picking up from last issue, Metamorpho races to retrieve Professor Zorb’s nucleonic moleculizer. After failing to apprehend Zorb, Rex reminds Simon Stagg that Element Men don’t grow on trees. Stagg replies, “Perhaps not, Rex – but there’s still an Element Girl!”


When they return to the lab, though, she’s gone! Alive and well, she turns against Metamorpho and offers to join forces with Zorb. She hates Rex for spurning her love and Stagg for keeping her in a capsule like a dead frog…


Issue #: 14

Cover Date: Sept.-Oct. 1967

On Sale Date: July 25, 1967

Enter the Thunderer


Spoiler alert: Urania hadn’t really gone bad in the last issue. However, she will become a foe of Sapphire’s, vying for Rex’s love and devotion. Threatening to tear her limb from dyed hair, Sapphire responds, “Dyed hair? All of you came out of a bottle!”


Simon says the first chapter of Armageddon has been written when, believed to be infected, Metamorpho is launched into space just as the Thunderer, a tiny mutant being, lands on Earth. The alien is no joke, though, leading General to say, “We’re doomed… helpless! Surrender… it’s the only way!"


Issue #: 15

Cover Date: Nov.-Dec. 1967

On Sale Date: Sept. 26, 1967

Hour of Armageddon


Picking up from last issue, Metamorpho has vanished, and the bad guys have won. Element Girl attacks the Thunderer, but finds herself in a sub-atomic world, reduced to nitty-gritty size and split into three parts… along with the Element Man.


A young boy discovers the pair with his microscope and is able to release them, just as the Thunderer is telling the people of Earth that they must bow to his absolute power...

Let the game begin! In this corner, weighing 67 pounds, wearing outer-space togs, the Thunderer, champion of the universe! And in this corner, weighing 190 and 121 respectively, wearing the latest in mod, freak suits, the challengers – Metamorpho and Element Girl!



With this series of issues, Metamorpho #11 specifically, we begin to see some continuing story arcs. Not only do some issues end with cliffhangers, but we're also introduced to Element Girl, who has a longer arc that ultimately introduces a new ongoing character and complication for Sapphire Stagg's relationship with Rex Mason.


My favorite ad appears in Metamorpho #10:

Metamorpho #12 introduced a one-page contest with some fun art:

This apparently proved so popular that Metamorpho #14 announced the contest was extended:

Then, in Metamorpho #15, the winner was announced:

Belated congratulations for R. Miller from Richmond, Virginia!


This concludes this week's Metamorpho Mega-Post. As the Element Man himself might say:

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