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Metamorpho Pt. 22: Justice League of America #100-102

These issues were covered during "Wonder Woman w/o Powers," so please click the links in the story titles below to re-read the synopses. This post is all about Metamorpho's role in the big JLA-JSA crossover...


Writer: Len Wein

Penciller: Dick Dillin

Artist: Joe Giella, Dick Giordano (#102)

Editor: Julius Schwartz

Issue #: 101

Cover Date: August 1972

On Sale Date: June 20, 1972

The Unknown Soldier of Victory

Metamorpho is one of the heroes on hand to celebrate the 100th anniversary meeting of the Justice League of America...

Later, when the JLA joins forces with the JSA, Metamorpho is assigned to one of the teams sent to search for the missing Seven Soldiers of Victory...

We'll read his adventure in Justice League of America #101...


Issue #: 101

Cover Date: Sept 1972

On Sale Date: July 18, 1972

The Hand That Shook the World


Superman, Sandman, and Metamorpho locate the Shining Knight when they find themselves an audience to an old monk in fear of Genghis Khan's armies led by "an armored god on a winged horse." Metamorpho pays him a late night visit and learns...

Khan's witch-man has hoodooed Sir Justin into playing figurehead for his army!

The next day, battle ensues.

Afterwards, Sandman gives Sir Justin and his steed an "antidote" and the group returns to the present.


Issue #: 102

Cover Date: Oct. 1972

On Sale Date: August 17, 1972

And One of Us Must Die


At the end of the day, the world is saved!




In Justice League of America #42, Metamorpho Says - No! to joining the team. But he's back with them in #100-102. He's featured in #101, in which we get our only clue about why he's there...

But there's a discrepancy over who volunteered whom...

This is also the only issue that the Element Man is featured on the cover, even if it's only a floating head...

His sub-teammates, Superman and Sandman, share prime real estate with other heroes on the cover, but not Metamorpho. However, on the inside pages, he's given a lot more to do than Sandman.


Next week, it's back to a new normal as the Element Man begins a new run in the pages of World's Finest...

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