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Metamorpho Pt. 24: World's Finest #218-220

Now follow the fantabulous Element Man as the chemical phenom joins the other great stars of World’s Finest in his own series of mind-blowing adventures...


Writer: Len Wein

Artist: John Calnan

Editor: Murray Boltinoff

...kicking off here with the merely staggering epic…


The Haunted Millionaire


Issue #: 218

Cover Date: July-Aug. 1973

On Sale Date: April 17, 1973

At the Stagg summer home, Simon is haunted by the ghost of his ancestor, Black Absalom Stagg… sea captain, smuggler, and murderer!! Chained to the wall of the cave where Absalom imprisoned slaves, Simon and Sapphire are rescued before the tide pours in…


Issue #: 219

Cover Date: Sept.-Oct. 1973

On Sale Date: June 14, 1973


Someone has planted a bomb in Stagg Terminal, the giant bus and train station. Only Metamorpho can find it in time!

Then, another one is planted in Stagg Park. Metamorpho is accused of being the mad bomber because… the calls came from inside the house! Apparently, the “glop” cure from World’s Finest #217 made Rex a split personality… and he’s hidden a third bomb...


Issue #: 220

Cover Date: Nov.-Dec. 1973

On Sale Date: Aug. 16, 1973


Tears of an Element Man

Metamorpho investigates when Sapphire is kidnapped. Simon delivers the $5 million ransom, and then they don’t hear from the kidnapper. The Element Man locates him and…



Wow, these three stories really are throwaways, although it's always fun to see Metamorpho in action. And we do see him in action... even though the panels I chose to include for World's Finest #218 and #220 are very similar.


As if we don't know the character, World's Finest #218 opens with a full page recap of the character and his origin:

Over the course of time, Java's role in the ongoing story has often been omitted. That's OK, because it never changes. However, it's been enough time prior to World's Finest #220 that it's refreshing to have this character moment:

As if it's one of the bombs ticking down in World's Finest #219, each of these back-up stories decreases by a page with each issue: 9 pages... 8 pages... 7 pages... Yeah, we're nearing the end of the countdown for Metamorpho's final 1970s appearance.


So let's close with something funny!

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