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Metamorpho Pt. 27: The Brave & the Bold #123

Title: The Brave & the Bold

Issue #: 123

Cover Date: December, 1975

On Sale Date: Sept. 11, 1975

Writer: Bob Haney

Artist: Jim Aparo

Editor: Murray Boltinoff

The amazing annals of The Brave & the Bold teach much – to shun evil’s touch, to fast disaster unflinching, to beware the twists of fate – but here, in a story they warned could not be told, you and the Batman will learn the most shattering lesson of all…

How to Make a Superhero


Part 1: The Impossible Imposter


Commissioner Gordon gives Batman one of the biggest assignments of his career:

However, Bruce Wayne is in Istanbul retrieving the Neji, a totem stolen from the Kaharis tribe. We don’t know what the heck is happening when Batman confronts his alter-ego in his hotel room. Then we’re reminded that in The Brave & the Bold #95, Batman encountered a down-on-his-luck Plastic Man and made a deal with him to impersonate Batman while Bruce Wayne was out of town. The two accuse each other of being an imposter, then…

Part 2: Return of a Tigress


Masquerading as Randolph Tinsley, Attorney at Law, Rex Mason visits Bruce Wayne in prison…

Being the world’s second greatest detective, I’d say our first move is… find Plastic Man!

The real Batman and Metamorpho learn that Plastic Man has been brainwashed by “the gorgeous witch,” Ruby Ryder:

The characters collide back in Istanbul when Ruby gets her hands on the Neji.


Part 3: Heroes are Re-Made, Not Born


Metamorpho impersonates the Neji to record Ruby’s confession, while Batman moves the real Neji to safety.


Although Metamorpho prevents Batman/Plastic Man from drinking the chemical that will kill him, Ruby orders Plastic Man to attack Metamorpho.

Ultimately, Plastic Man regains his senses and, spoiler alert, there’s a happy ending:



I intended to combine the next three books in which Metamorpho appeares in a team-up, but this story is so good and meaty, I devoted the entire week to it. We’ll see if the same goes for his team-ups with Batman in The Brave & the Bold #154 and with Superman in DC Comics Presents #40.


Metamorpho kind of answers my question from last week, “What does he see in Sapphire Stagg, anyway?” He's a sap for a dame:

Since it's mentioned again on page 10, How to Make a Super-Hero should, I guess, be considered a sequel to C.O.D. Corpse on Delivery in The Brave & the Bold #95.

We don't always get a science lesson, but when we do, I learn something new:

This is really the most fun I've had with a Metamorpho story in a while! I can't imagine anything better... until I closed the book and looked on the back cover:

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