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Metamorpho Pt. 5: Metamorpho #3

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Title: Metamorpho

Issue #: 3

Cover Date: Nov.-Dec. 1965

On Sale Date: Sept. 30, 1965

Writer: Bob Haney

Penciller: Ramona Fradon

Inker: Charles Paris

Editor: George Kashdan

You think you’ve got problems? Wait till you see what the one and only Metamorpho is up against in this wild, way-out, whizzbang adventure! It’s got everything… super-threats, super-villains, super-romance, super-laughs, and super-readers! So latch on as the amazing man of a thousand forms pits his elemental powers against a super-wierdie while you try to figure out…

Who Stole the U.S.A.?

He’s an acid, he’s a solid, he’s a gas – and this story’s a real gasser!

Simon Stagg has a spring in his step and a song in his heart as he announces his engagement to Miss Zelda Trumbull. Sapphire protests…

The four characters take a plane ride over the Grand Canyon to T.T.T.’s latest promotions, Science Station Alpha.

It’s my greatest brainstorm – a complete scientific station and city, totally self-sufficient! If an enemy attack should knock out everything else, our country could still function from this isolated spot! It’s all merely the most!

Just as he explains that the whole place is run on a cube of plutonium no bigger than a hatbox, there’s a reaction that could blow the station sky-high. When Metamorpho prevents an accident, T.T.T. comments:

He’s amazing, fantastic, incredible, stupendous, spectacular, and merely… terrific!

However, as their tour continues, T.T.T. tells Metamorpho to open a pair of huge doors…

Metamorpho transforms into hydrogen so that a spark from Java’s shuffling heel lifts can ignite an explosion to release him. T.T.T. seems to have anticipated this development and comments that he’s got nothing to worry about… the robot will keep him busy.


While Metamorpho is distracted, and Simon learns that Zelda has betrayed him, T.T.T. issues his ultimatum: unless the United States surrenders to him within 24 hours, he will destroy its entire missile defense system.


Metamorpho is on the run from the robot…

Long story short, on page 22, T.T.T. summarizes what happened on the previous pages:

Metamorpho… somehow he destroyed the robot and found my secret set-up for destroying the missile sites!

As you’d expect, our hero saved the day, with an assist from his friends:



The villain in Metamorpho #3, T.T.T., is an interesting character that uses colorful language. I like the way the writer, editor, or whoever is responsible for the text leading into and out of story, incorporates the same "speak." For example, we're promised that the next issue will be "merely the greatest."


Java experiences his usual dilemma motivated by his love for Sapphire:

However, what he decides to do puts a clever spin on a solution.


When Metamorpho is trapped in a giant steel container, we learn our science lesson for the issue:

Interestingly, these educational opportunities have not been as frequent as I anticipated when I first wrote about them.


All-in-all, it's an action-packed issue that speeds along nicely.

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