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Metamorpho Pt. 9: Justice League of America #42

Title: Justice League of America

Issue #: 42

Cover Date: Feb. 1966

On Sale Date: Dec. 9, 1965

Writer: Gardner Fox

Penciller: Mike Sekowsky

Inker: Bernard Sachs

Editor: Julius Schwartz

A new member for the Justice League? Yes – Metamorpho! But – while Earth’s latest super-hero sensation may be acceptable to the JLA – he most definitely is not acceptable to the Unimaginable! Who is the Unimaginable? Sorry! It is utterly impossible to see – or even describe him! To add to the admittance confusion –

Metamorpho Says – No!


Metamorpho receives an invitation to join the Justice League, but an invisible force wants to fight him for it, even though Metamorpho doesn’t want to accept. Watching events unfold on their monitor, Atom, Batman, Green Lantern, and Superman race to the scene to assist.

Rex explains that he doesn’t want to join the League because he doesn’t want to be Metamorpho. He asks if Green Lantern can do what Simon Stagg hasn’t been able to do – cure him. Flash reminds them, though, that there’s still an unknown party that attacked them. GL gives it a quick try, anyway…

I have the power and will to gain control over Green Lantern’s power ring beam – for I am – the Unimaginable! The mind of man cannot conceive what my true shape is, for man’s eyes are not capable of registering that shape upon his brain.

The Unimaginable has watched the Justice League from space and wants to be part of it. Flash says they know nothing about him (it) and Superman says, “No.”

As one would expect, the team rallies. During battle, Metamorpho hitches a ride into space on one of the villain’s creatures and leaves a trail for the team to follow. The League then finds itself inside the Unimaginable’s head…

The team, and Metamorpho, defeat their foe.



There's a lot to love in this wonderful issue of Justice League of America! First of all, the cover has the style of an issue of Metamorpho with its separate shapes of action. If not for the title, it could be mistaken for a different comic.


The story does a couple of things to introduce readers to Metamorpho in case they aren't familiar with him. The opening, where he transforms himself into a skateboard for a kid makes him relatable. Then, his origin is retold in a few obligatory panels, which they do occasionally in his own title:

I like how Rex emphasizes that he doesn't want to be Metamorpho. We know that from previous stories; however, I was under the impression he was slowly accepting it. Maybe we're not as close to that as I thought.


The team's arrogance about itself is funny, particularly what Superman says. Imagine!

The occasional science lesson from Metamorpho leaks into this story. I don't suppose this is unique for any number of DC books from time to time.

Speaking of science, here's some science fiction, but a nice detail with which to follow-up. Since Metamorpho left his atoms through space, they need to be collected for him to be complete. What better way than...

Finally, I don't think I've ever seen this ad introducing something I like to see on the covers of comics from this era:

I never knew they were called "Go-Go" Checks, though. We'll start seeing them with our next issue. I hope to see you then, as well.

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