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Post-Crisis Revisionist History: Pt. 2

A couple of DC titles acted quickly to address post-Crisis revisionist history, perhaps because they were ending their runs, anyway...

Previously in All-Star Squadron #50…

  • Nazi engineer, Gootsden, incapacitates the eight members of the covert "Justice Batallion" (Hawkman, Dr. Mid-Nite, The Atom, Sandman, Starman, the Spectre, Johnny Quick, and Wonder Woman) and plans to send each one in a rocket toward one of the eight planets in the solar system. However, after launching them, they instead vanish into thin air. The destinations of the rockets were apparently confused when…

Previously in Crisis on Infinite Earths #1…

  • Harbinger appeared on Earth-2 to recruit Firebrand…

Previously in Infinity Inc. #19…

  • Commander Steel appears out of nowhere with a robotic companion, Mekanique. In what’s billed as “the last JLA-Justice Society team-up,” Infinity Inc. arrives in Detroit with Commander Steel and Mekanique, where a seven-page fight ensues between the two teams.

In All-Star Squadron #60, the eight JSAers return to Earth-2 from their parallel-universe adventures depicted in All-Star Squadron #50-59 and put an end to Gootsden’s nefarious plans.


Meanwhile in Queens, New York, other members of the JSA are startled by the appearance of Mekanique and pick a fight. When the situation inevitably calms, Mekanique explains...

I am from the world of the far future — come here to save mankind in that era from a war far more devastating than that in which your race is now engaged. You must believe me, and act quickly — to change the course of human history!

She further explains that preventing an automobile wreck that’s destined to kill a little girl will prevent a chain of events which will cause “world-destroying war” in her era.


After Firebrand and Green Lantern (Alan Scott) save the girl, all the JSAers gather for a photo...

All’s not well, though, as Robotman learns that Mekanique tricked them...

When she’s done and President Roosevelt looks at the JSA photograph, we see that history has indeed changed. For example, the Freedom Fighters are now in the picture since Earth-X no longer exists. Also, Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are not in the picture. Roosevelt says, “Amy costumed hero who isn’t in this photo —

Although there will be future references to, and retellings of, the Crisis on Infinite Earths, this is for all intents and purposes the final story. It's a good one to represent the ramifications of the event throughout the DC Universe. Just compare the two "photographs" to get an idea of the new continuity. When five of the most popular superhero characters are erased from history, you know something big has happened.


This is an appropriate book in which to conclude the epic because the All-Star Squadron represents Earth-2 and the Golden Age of comics. It's clever how the creators were able to merge it into Earth-1 and the Bronze Age while maintaining an existing legacy, yet creating a new one. I believe these creators succeeded in their mission as stated in various posts since I began this blog. The Crisis had lasting impact... until it didn't, and was reversed. But that's an epic event for another day...


Title: All-Star Squadron

Issue #: 60

Cover Date: Aug. 1986

On Sale Date: 5-29-1986

Cover Artist: Jerry Ordway

Writer: Dann Thomas, Roy Thomas

Pencillers: Mike Clark, Arvell Jones

Inkers: Vince Colletta, Tony DeZuniga

Colorist: Carl Gafford

Editors: Dick Giordano, Barbara Randall, Roy Thomas

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