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Post-Crisis Tales #1

The first tale to feature characters introduced in Crisis on Infinite Earths came two months following the final issue (#12) of the maxi-series, in DC Comics Presents #94...


It's Monday evening in Metropolis. As commuters head home, there's a robbery happening at S.T.A.R. Labs. After a brief skirmish with a super-villain calling himself "Volt Lord," Superman (aka Clark Kent) has to report to his day job on the new television show, Spotlight on People. Little does he know that Volt Lord is aka Eric Courtney, the producer of the show!


Clark interviews three new heroes in town that are investigating "paranormal phenomenon:" Pariah, Lady Quark, and Harbinger. Afterwards, Clark says he hasn't seen the three of them in "a while," so they go out for a night on the town... except for Lady Quark, who's smitten with Courtney.




Things have certainly calmed down following the Crisis. Superman has time to stop and smell the roses... as well as save, not a kitten from a tree, but a puppy from a roof...

Forgive me, but I have to include the following panel because... well, look at the puppy kissing Superman...

The next day, Pariah senses danger. It's not bad enough to transport him to it directly, but he can find out where it is. And, it's at an electronics warehouse that Volt Lord attacks to steal more equipment for his scheme to rule the world. Lady Quark now thinks that Volt Lord reminds her of her dead husband, Karak.


Later, Lady Quark puts two and two (well, Courtney and Volt) together and realizes they're the same person. She decides to join him, although she encourages him to use "no more violence." When he ignores her, zaps Superman and Harbinger, and she sees them fall from the sky, she comes to her senses and saves the day.

The story quickly ends by setting the status quo for the three heroes on their new home planet...

Come back in January as we emerge from the Crisis and explore new territory in the DC Universe...


Title: DC Comics Presents

Issue #: 94

Cover Date: June 1986

On Sale Date: 3-6-1986

Cover Artist: George Perez

Writers: Barbara Randall, Robert Greenberger

Penciller: Tom Mandrake

Inker: Don Heck

Colorist: Gene D'Angelo

Editors: Julius Schwartz

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