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Pre-Crisis: Pt. 16

In the last issue of Batman & the Outsiders, Monitor responded to Maxie Zeus's request for assistance by telling him, "Operatives that will fulfill your requirements perfectly spring to mind." He sent four villains that together called themselves the "New Olympians": Nox, Diana, Proteus, and Vulcanus. The stadium at the 1984 Summer Olympic Games was cleared while Batman & the Outsiders battled the New Olympians.


In Batman & the Outsiders #15, after the villains are defeated, Lyla comments, "Zeus has been captured. But... he may betray us." Monitor responds...

Monitor, whose role has been evolving into that of simply an observer, feels confident that he can continue doing his work while remaining undetected.

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Title: Batman & the Outsiders

Issue #: 15

Cover Date: Nov. 1984

On Sale Date: 8-16-1984

Cover Artist: Jim Aparo

Writer: Mike W. Barr

Guest Artist: Trevor Von Eeden

Colorist: Adrienne Roy

Editor: Mike W. Barr

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