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Pre-Crisis: Pt. 19

"It has been more than 1,000 years since man sent the first crude, rudimentary satellites into orbit about the earth. Yet deep space still contains many secrets which our 30th century science is only now beginning to discover." From Introduction; Astro-Physics and You - A Holo-phile for the Young Student by Wherner Sagan, Prof. Spatial Kinetics; Metropolis University Press, 2983.


In Tales of the Legion #317, the narrator of the story continues, "Comets no longer hold any mysteries for science to uncover. The head is nothing more than densely packed meteoric material; the tail is formed by the release of solids into gas by the heat of stellar radiation. But this is a comet which carries a piece of unnatural flotsam in its tail. A piece of man-made flotsam."


You guessed it; it's Monitor's satellite!

We've seen Monitor high above the skies of Earth-One and Earth-Two. Now we learn he's able to observe far into the future, as well. (We also learn that Lyla likes to shop.)

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Title: Tales of the Legion

Issue #: 317

Cover Date: Nov. 1984

On Sale Date: 8-23-1984

Cover Artists: Karl Kesel, Terry Shoemaker

Co-Plotters-Designer: Paul Levitz & Keith Giffen

Dialogue: Mindy Newell

Penciller: Terry Shoemaker

Inker: Karl Kesel

Colorist: Carl Gafford

Editor: Karen Berger

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