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Pre-Crisis: Pt. 21

In Superman #402, rookie cub reporter, Justin Moore, wanders the streets despondent over his writer’s block, when he discovers Superman with temporary amnesia in an alley. They manage to evade “the murderous marauders from the far future” that sapped Superman of his powers.

“Next instant – the still-undetetable craft slingshots its way upward toward the outermost edge of the atmosphere…” One of the time travelers, Jj’r, tells his companion, R’ku, “…above us orbits the one man in this era who can tell us what we need to know – for a price!”

Two pages later, it’s revealed that the two met with Monitor. The information they needed was costly, “but the Monitor did provide us with the precise coordinates where we can expect to find Superman. And with that data at our disposal, we should be able to conclude our grim mission very soon indeed.”


As Superman begins regaining his memory, he also become violent. I won’t spoil it here, but I will say the story has a nice little twist. Everything may not be as it seems…


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Title: Superman

Issue #: 402

Cover Date: Dec. 1984

On Sale Date: 9-13-1984

Cover Artists: Eduardo Barreto

Writer: Cary Bates

Penciller: Curt Swan

Inker: Bob Oksner

Colorist: Gene D'Angelo

Editor: Julius Schwartz

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