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Pre-Crisis: Pt. 22

In The Saga of Swamp Thing #31, Arcane battles the titular hero, telling him, “Run, Holland! Run encumbered with your stupid, pointless burden… for there is no rock to hide you… no beacon of incorruptible goodness to light your way…no celestial force that watches over us.”


Ah, but there is. In the panel below, Lyla again (as she did in the last issue) alerts Monitor to the situation below…

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Title: The Saga of Swamp Thing

Issue #: 31

Cover Date: Dec. 1984

On Sale Date: 9-20-1984

Cover Artists: Stephen R. Bissette, John T. Totleben, Tatjana Wood

Writer: Alan Moore

Artists: Rick Veitch & John Totleben

Colorist: Tatjana Wood

Editor: Karen Berger

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