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Pre-Crisis: Pt. 3

In the “Meanwhile…” column for DC Sampler #3 (1984), newly appointed Vice President/Executive Editor, Dick Giordano, wrote:

"The second project is called Crisis on Infinite Earths and will involve many of our characters in a story that spans time and space. We’ll be going from the time of Anthro through Abra Kadabra’s 64th century. We’re taking the opportunity of celebrating our anniversary by cleaning house a bit, and when this project is over, the DC Universe will be forever changed.

"No, we’re not just going to kill a handful of characters and make cosmetic changes that will be reversed as soon as the series is over. We wanted to do something long-lasting that will help make the recognized DC Universe a place that won’t befuddle new readers, confuse continuity buffs, or hamstring our writers and artists. You can tell I’m excited by what we’re doing, and there’s a feeling of immense creativity and real enthusiasm humming through the halls. Although Len (Wein) and Marv (Wolfman) are spearheading the project, every editor is being consulted and the major writers and artists are suggesting things to be done with their characters to make them better.

"We’ll also be introducing new characters along the way, some who we hope will go on to star in their own series and make contributions to the entire line. There will also be plenty of surprises involving life, death, new costumes, new powers, and new allegiances."

In a two-page centerfold ad in the same issue of DC Sampler, the shadow of Monitor stood in front of his satellite and a promise was made: “The DC Universe will never be the same!” Interestingly, the ad featured a different logo than the one that would ultimately be used. DC Universe would be dropped and the “12-issue maxi-series” would be known solely as Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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Title: DC Sampler

Issue #: 3

Cover Date: N/A

On Sale Date: 11-25-84

Cover Artist: Fred Hembeck

Writer: Dick Giordano

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