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Pre-Crisis: Pt. 38

Monitor and Lyla again observe a Batman/Superman team-up adventure in World's Finest Comics #314. However, while last time (World's Finest #311) Monitor judged Batman as the weaker link of the team, this time he deems Superman as such.

There's not much progression with Monitor here; instead, just the same ol'-same ol'. However, Monitor seems to have been making note of information that can be used against the heroes, and it's information he can sell.


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Title: World's Finest Comics

Issue #: 314

Cover Date: April 1985

On Sale Date: 1-24-1985

Cover Artists: Klaus R. Janson, Stan Woch, Tatjana Wood

Writer: Joey Cavalieri

Penciller: Stan Woch

Inker: Alfredo P. Alcala

Colorist: Nangi Hoolahan

Editor: Janice Race

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