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Pre-Crisis: Pt. 39

Monitor appears in neither this issue (Batman #384) nor the upcoming Detective Comics #551. However, the two stories, which tie together, feature a gang of criminals that contacts Monitor to identify a villain that can eliminate Batman for them.

At the end of the letters column, in the Coming Attractions section, Bob Greenberger writes, "Also this month is Crisis on Infinite Earths #3, where the first heroes fall and things go from bad to worse. Superman and Batman look on in horror as one of their number is vaporized before their unbelieving eyes. The issue also guest-stars Batman's teammates from the Outsiders, in addition to the Teen Titans, Easy Company, the Legion of Super-Heroes, Bat Lash, Jonah Hex, Nighthawk, the Flash, the Losers, and the Haunted Tank. We kid you not, they all appear in the 25-page story plus a few others. It's the maxi-series that's shaking up the DC universe and you must not miss an issue (otherwise, it gets awfully confusing.)


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Title: Batman

Issue #: 384

Cover Date: June 1985

On Sale Date: 3-14-1985

Cover Artists: Dick Giordano, Rich Hoberg

Writer: Doug Moench

Penciller: Rick Hoberg

Inker: Rudy D. Nebres

Colorist: Adrienne Roy

Editor: Len Wein

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