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Pre-Crisis: Pt. 40

Monitor appears in neither this issue (Detective Comics #551), nor the last (Batman #384.) However, the two stories, which tie together, feature a gang of criminals that contacts Monitor to identify a villain that can eliminate Batman for them. Here's the reaction of the villain that was identified:

At the end of the letters column, in the Coming Attractions section, Bob Greenberger writes, "As our 50th Anniversary rolls through its third month, lost of things are happening in Crisis on Infinite Earths #3. First of all, the first heroes fall through the various eras. Superman and Batman have time to compare notes just before they watch someone vanish before their disbelieving eyes. The issues features the Outsiders, Titans, Legion, Losers, Easy Company, and a horde of Western characters from Bat Lash to Jonah Hex. And, yes, it's only 225 pages long."


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Title: Detective Comics

Issue #: 551

Cover Date: June 1985

On Sale Date: 3-28-1985

Cover Artists: Patrick Broderick

Writer: Doug Moench

Penciller: Patrick Broderick

Inker: Bob Smith

Colorist: Adrienne Roy

Editor: Len Wein

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